Why Your Growing Energy Company Needs SEO


If you are anything like us than you have a growing energy company with a lot of moving parts. There are so many moving parts at times, that it can be hard to grasp them all for just one person. You should never try and do it all yourself. Having control may make you feel good, but it is not the most productive or profitable. It took me a long time to learn this and when I did, everything changed for the better. Even my stress levels dropped because I could focus on just the key things I am really good at.

Non of this advice is new really. If you have read just about any prominent business book in the last 20 years, there would have been mention about this. Now you may be asking yourself, “where is he going with this?” and I’ll tell you.


It is no mystery that people don’t search for things they need like they did 20 years ago. We used to make calls to distributors, or look things up in the phone book. Those times are OVER. Now we all do the same thing, go online and look it up right? Well if that is where we all go to look for things, wouldn’t it make sense that we place ourselves there to be found? So how do you do that? How do you make it so when people search something, you pop as one of the top search results. Well I spent an in-numerous amount of time trying to figure out just that. This is where I play back into my lead story. Why am I trying to figure this out when there are professionals Like http://www.oregonwebsolutions.com/portland-seo-company/ to do it for us. I spent weeks banging my head against a wall and literally got nowhere. I could have been using that time to make money where I am best and would have paid for the SEO expenses already. It was the old controlling side of me that wanted to figure it out on my own and not just hire it to someone who is way better than I will ever be and let them do it better and faster. We think we are saving money by doing it ourselves, but we are actually costing ourselves money long term.

Now after I hired Oregon Web Solutions, they plotted out a 6-12 month plan of action and got started right away. They did in the first week, what would have taken me 6 months to figure out and do. Don’t  you think that is worth it?

Now we are in the 8th month and they taken some specific keywords we chose to target and moved them from position 120 to the bottom of page one (about 8th-9th position). That is incredible. Every step from here and the click ratio literally doubles for every position. If you can start to see the value in what I am saying, then you can see why I am taking the time to write this.


Now you are probably wanting to know how we found and started working with a SEO company in Portland. Honestly they were a reference and I am glad for it. Looking out in the world at SEO’s is mind boggling as there are so many and there are so many who don’t have a clue. It is scary actually. Had OWS not been a reference, I might not have hired the right folks. I am told that price does make a difference as there are a lot of overhead costs to a professional SEO versus a $500.00 a month job or even a one time fee. 

The point of this article is that if you do not have a professional search engine optimization specialist either on your staff or sub contracted, than you are missing a sailing ship. Here is a great video that sums up everything I said in just a few minutes.

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